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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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After following Sigurður in death, Brynhildur travels to Hel in a finely decorated wagon.


[excerpt from] Norn ch. 9b

9b. The Death of Sigurðr and Brylhildr's Suttee

"Þá er nú enn at segja," segi...

"I must tell you then," Guest...

[status: unverified copy]

Helr ch. 0a


Brynhildr reið helveg ......

[status: undefined]



Norna-gests þáttr is a legendary saga about the Norse hero Nornagestr from Denmark. Norna-Gest took part in the battles of Sigurd the Vǫlsung, spent time with Ragnar Lodbrok's son Bjǫrn Járnsiða and his brothers.

Norna-gests þáttr was written c. 1300. The story was later incorporated as an episode of the Saga of Óláfr Tryggvason in the medieval Icelandic manuscript Flateyjarbók which contains several poems from the Poetic Edda


The narrative and poetic stanzas of Helreið Brylhildar is found in the Poetic Edda. The narrative and stanzas are preserved in Norna-gests þáttr, apart from the Edda edition's stanza 6.

(Contributed by Liv Marit Aurdal.)


Main text: Norna-Gests þáttr

Attributes: Female Sacrifice Chant Wagon Gold troll Pyre Funeral customs Death Women/woman Sword Cave

Named things:

Text sections: [not skaldic]


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