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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Gautur the berserkr asks for the jarl's daugter Ásta's hand in marriage, but he is denied and killed by Þorir


[excerpt from] GullÞ ch. 6b

6b. Gautur the berserkr

Ásta hét dóttir jarls. Hennar...

Ásta was the name of the Earl...

[status: unverified copy]



Gull-Þóris saga, one of the islendingasögur, tells the story of Gull-Þórir Oddsson, He was a chieftain in Þorskafjörður who had a dispute with his neighbour Hallr.

Þórir settle in Þorskafjörður with his father. Þórir travels to Finnmark in Norway with Hyrningr, the son of Hallr of Hofstaðir. Here they go raiding, obtaining gold and defeat dragons. Hallr wants a portion of the gold on behalf of his son, but Hyrningr does not press this matter. Hallr and Þórir begins a feud and Þórir kills both Hallr and his older son Rauður. Hyrningr does not get involved in the dispute.


(Contributed by Liv Marit Aurdal.)


Main text: Gull-Þóris saga

Attributes: battle Berserkr

Named things:

Text sections: [not skaldic]


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