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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Ulfljótslög describes the process of the usage of rings during a ceremonial legal and ritualistic performance.


[excerpt from] ÞUxaf ch. 1c

1c. Ulfljótslög

Baugur, tvíeyringur eða meiri...

A ring of two ounce weight or...

[status: unverified copy]



Úlfljótslög was the first law-code amongst the iceladers and was established in 930 AD, at the founding of the Alþing at Þingvellir. It is named after the first law speaker Úlfljótr. The Norwegian Gulaþings law was the basis for the Icelandic Úlfljótslög. Parts of Úlfljótslög is preserved in Ari’s Íslendingabók (12th century) and Þorsteins þáttr uxafóts in Flateyjarbók (late 14th century).


(Contributed by Liv Marit Aurdal.)


Main text: Flateyjarbók

Attributes: Ritual Assembly Law Oath priest of Freyr Ox Bull / ox reddening ring with blood sacrificing an ox swearing oath on a ring invoking a god by calling name Ring

Named things:

Text sections: [not skaldic]


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