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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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keyword: Second sight

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Bjǫrn's Dreams of Good Fortune Comes True (Landnámabók) Bǫðvar Bjarki (Hrólfs saga kraka) Dead Dwelling in Mountains (Eyrbyggja saga, ch.11) Ingimundr Uses Sami Magic (Landnámabók) Ingimundr Uses Sami Magic (Vatnsdœla saga) Óðinn's Gift of Prophecy (Ynglinga saga) Sorcerers As Shape-Shifters (Landnámabók) Steinrøðr the Strong Fights Geirhildr the Sorceress (Landnámabók) The Grave of a Vǫlva Discovered (Laxdœla saga) Útiseta (Þorleifs þáttr jarlsskálds) Vésteinn's Hel-shoes (Gísla saga Súrssonar) Völva and her followers (Örvar-Odds saga) Þorbjǫrg Lítilvǫlva's Visit (Eiríks saga rauða) Þorgerðr Hǫlgabrúðr (jómsvíkinga saga) Þorgerðr Hörgabrúðr (Færeyinga saga)


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