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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Baldr (Gylfaginning) Brynhildur's suttee (Vǫlsunga saga) Dead Dwelling in Mountains (Eyrbyggja saga, ch.11) Eiríkr Blóðøx And The Seiðmenn (Haralds saga hárfagra) Fear of a Berserkr (Njáls Saga) Freyfaxi's Death (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða) Griðamál (Grettis Saga) Gunnarr in his Grave Mound (Njáls saga) Helgi's Settlement in Iceland (Landnámabók) Hrafnkell rejects Freyr (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða) Jǫrundr The Priest (Landnámabók) Killing of a Berserkr (Vatnsdœla saga) Living in gravemounds (Grettis Saga) Nanna (Gylfaginning) Njörðr (Gylfaginning) Snæfríðr's Body After Her Death (Haralds saga hárfagra) Temple Sacrifices in Trøndelag (Hákonar saga goða) The Capturing of Loki (Gylfaginning) The Death of Baldr (Gylfaginning) Þorgrímr Builds a Temple to Þórr (Kjalnesinga saga) Þórr and Útgarðaloki (Gylfaginning)


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