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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Gefjun Ploughs Sjælland (Ynglinga saga) Glúmr’s Temple-Oath (Víga-Glúms saga) Glæsir and Þorólfr bægifótr (Eyrbyggja saga) Óðinn's Berserkir (Ynglinga saga) Sorcerers As Shape-Shifters (Landnámabók) Steinrøðr the Strong Fights Geirhildr the Sorceress (Landnámabók) The abduction of Iðunn (Skáldskaparmál) Ulfljótslög (Þorsteins þáttr uxafóts, Flateyjarbók) Warlock Swims to Iceland in Shape of a Whale (Ólafs saga Tryggvasonar) Þórarinn's Bull Head Prow (Landnámabók) Þórr Fishes the Miðgarðsormr (Gylfaginning)


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