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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Auðr Makes the Prophesy of Her Own Death (Landnámabók) Auðr Settles in Iceland (Landnámabók) Auðun Builds a Temple in Iceland (Landnámabók) Bǫðvarr Builds a Temple in Iceland (Landnámabók) Building the walls around Ásgarður (Gylfaginning) Dead Dwelling in Mountains (Eyrbyggja saga, ch.11) Dead Dwelling in Mountains (Eyrbyggja saga, ch.4) Earl Sigurðr Pours Water on Hákon (Haralds saga hárfagra) Einarr Claims Land in Iceland (Landnámabók) Eyvindr Acts From His Burial Mound (Landnámabók) Eyvindr's Sacred Boulders (Landnámabók) Freyfaxi's Death (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða) Gefjun Ploughs Sjælland (Ynglinga saga) Grettir fights a troll-woman (Grettis Saga) Griðamál (Grettis Saga) Gunnhildr And The Saami (Haralds saga hárfagra) Heathen Practices of Sacrifice (Guta saga) Heimdalr (Gylfaginning) Helgafell (Eyrbyggja saga) Helgi's Settlement in Iceland (Landnámabók) Hrafn Foresees Volcanic Eruption in Iceland (Landnámabók) Hrollaugr's Highseat Pillars (Landnámabók) Hrosskell Takes Land in Iceland (Landnámabók) Ingimundr Finds Freyr-amulet (Vatnsdœla saga) Ingimundr Uses Sami Magic (Landnámabók) Ingimundr Uses Sami Magic (Vatnsdœla saga) Ingimundr's Freyr Amulet (Landnámabók) Jarðarmen (Laxdœla saga) Jarðarmen (Vatnsdœla saga) Jǫrundr The Priest (Landnámabók) Ketill the Christian Settles in Iceland (Landnámabók) Killing of a Berserkr (Vatnsdœla saga) Killing of two Berserkir (Eyrbyggja saga) Kráku-Hreiðarr Claims Land in Iceland (Landnámabók) Kveld-Úlfr's Coffin Guides at Sea (Landnámabók) Ljót's Ritualistic Performance (Landnámabók) Loðmundr the Sorcerer (Landnámabók) Loki (Gylfaginning) Níð (Finnboga saga ramma) Ǫlvir And The Land-Spirits (Landnámabók) Ǫnundr Claims Land with Shooting Arrow and Magic (Landnámabók) Sorcerers As Shape-Shifters (Landnámabók) Sworn Brotherhood (Fóstbrœðra saga) Sworn Brotherhood (Gísla Saga) The Capturing of Loki (Gylfaginning) The Death of Haraldr Hárfagri (Haralds saga hárfagra) The Effect and Reach of Seiðr (Gísla Saga) The Ghost of Glámr (Grettis Saga) The Grave of a Vǫlva Discovered (Laxdœla saga) The Three Children of Loki (Gylfaginning) Valhöll (Gylfaginning) Vébjǫrn's troublesome sea voyage (Landnámabók) Vékell's Shooting Arrow (Landnámabók) Vésteinn's Hel-shoes (Gísla saga Súrssonar) Walking Counterclockwise (Gísla Saga) Warlock Swims to Iceland in Shape of a Whale (Ólafs saga Tryggvasonar) Þorgerðr Hǫlgabrúðr (jómsvíkinga saga) Þorsteinn's Foresight (Landnámabók) Þórðr's Highseat Pillars (Landnámabók) Þórhaddr The Temple Priest (Landnámabók) Þórir's Settlement in Iceland (Landnámabók) Þórólfr Transports His Temple (Eyrbyggja saga) Þórólfr's Settlement in Iceland (Landnámabók) Þórr Provides a Whale (Eiríks saga rauða) Ævarr Takes Land in Iceland (Landnámabók)


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