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Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

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Building the walls around Ásgarður (Gylfaginning) Busla's Prayer (Bósa saga ok Herrauðs) Freyfaxi Dedicated to Freyr (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða) Freyfaxi's Death (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða) Hanging and Hel (Erfidrápa Óláfs helga) Heathen Laws Alongside Christian (Íslendingabók) Heimdalr (Gylfaginning) King Ingi and Blót-Sveinn (Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks) Sleipnir is Born (Gylfaginning) Temple Sacrifices in Trøndelag (Hákonar saga goða) The Death of Baldr (Gylfaginning) The Death of Guðlaug The Death of Jǫrundr Valkyrjur (Njáls Saga) Vǫlsa þáttr (Flateyjarbók) Þórir's Settlement in Iceland (Landnámabók)


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